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Was your Crypto Assets Stolen? Have you lost bitcoin to scammers online? We present you a Guaranteed Solution to Crypto - Assets Investments Recovery and Bitcoin Chargeback Scheme!

Guaranteed Solution to Crypto - Assets Investments Recovery and Bitcoin Chargeback!   DaTRek Recovery Company A fter a series of interactions and one-on-one meetings with Top security agencies and authorities worldwide such as the SEC, FCA, BlackRock, FSA, KPMG, PWC to mention a few, we discovered that consumers are being increasingly targeted by crypto-asset related investment scams in the UK, US, Germany, Sweden, Italy. Certain crypto-assets, like Bitcoin and Ether (also known as cryptocurrencies) are not regulated. This means that buying, selling or transferring these crypto-assets falls outside the remit of these financial Assets Authorities. The same is true for the operation of a cryptocurrency exchange. However, some types of crypto-asset products may be or may involve regulated investments depending on their nature and how they are structured. For example, firms that sell regulated investments with an underlying crypto-asset element may need to be authorised to do so. The FCA i

UK’s NHS Taps Blockchain Tech to Monitor Coronavirus Vaccine Cold Chain

UK’s NHS Taps Blockchain Tech to Monitor Coronavirus Vaccine Cold Chain Hedera Hashgraph's blockchain platform will provide the health service with a tamperproof record of vaccine temperatures, the firm said. COVID-19 vaccine  -   Tanzeel Akhtar The U.K. National Health Service (NHS) is working with blockchain platform Hedera Hashgraph to monitor COVID-19 vaccines’ temperature while in cold storage. Asset-monitoring company Everyware will provide software to track the vaccines' temperature around the clock, while Hedera’s distributed ledger technology will provide the NHS with a tamperproof and efficient record of the data, according to a press release Tuesday. NHS facilities in the U.K.’s South Warwickshire, Stratford Upon Avon and Warwick hospitals region will be using the technology initially, with a wider rollout planned as vaccine distribution progresses. The vaccines need to be kept well below freezing in order to prevent spoiling, so accurate monitorin

Crypto Robbers Strike Again in Hong Kong: Gang Makes off with 450k Tether Haul

Hong Kong Crypto Robbers Strike Again: Gang Makes off with 450k Tether Haul Trading crypto in person is becoming increasingly risky in Hong Kong – with a second trader this month robbed by violent thugs after agreeing to swap cash for tokens offline. Per the South China Morning Post and Apple Daily’s Hong Kong site, the latest victim was attempting to make an offline tether (USDT) transaction worth some USD 0.45m in the busy Chong Yip Street. The media outlets stated that a female trader had sold a man USDT in two previous transactions worth around USD 77,000 and USD 90,000 each in previous transactions and had arranged for her uncle to wait outside an office building on the street while she conducted the third – much bigger – deal. But instead, when she met the man for the third time, she received the nastiest of surprises, when she reportedly came face-to-face with a gang of three “20- to 30-year-old” thugs armed “with knives and sticks” who robbed her of the cash the man had give

Trusted Ways to Recover Crypto Assets (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin) from Regulated and Un-regulated Crypto Investment Companies | Bitcoin Recovery Experts

  Trusted Ways to Recover Crypto Assets (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin) from Online Scammers.   Do you know you can Recover Any Lost Investment to Binary Options and Forex, both Regulated and Un-regulated Brokers? In this article, we will present you with the Best Possible Solution to Recover your Crypto Assets Investments (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash) and also lost investment to Stockbrokers through binary options and forex trading.   Have you or your client lost bitcoin as a result of a fraudulent investment, fraudulent ICO, phishing or ransom attack? Crypto Assets Investment Recovery Service is now available to help you recover stolen bitcoin.    If you invested in Crypto and believe you have been scammed, Recover your losses from cryptocurrency scams by getting a consultation today DaTRek Recovery Company Visit: ; Admin: .   DaTRek Recovery has extensive experience in helping clients to recover and chargeback lost invest