Cryptocurrency Transactions: How To Deal with Chargeback Issues

Cryptocurrency Transactions: How To Deal with Chargeback Issues. Chargeback is a huge problem for cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms. Virtually, all platforms dealing with cryptocurrencies have had to face chargeback issues. With the growing number of crypto users and merchants accepting payments in crypto, the chargeback problem has only increased. It might come across as shocking, but cryptocurrencies have a higher rate of chargeback than eCommerce platforms . In a conventional crypto purchase, chargebacks are not applicable. However, the problem is with modern crypto platforms that offer cryptos against the credit card or wallet payments. It is one of the major issues that crypto exchanges and firms have to deal with as crypto adoption increases. Cryptocurrency transactions: How to deal with chargeback issues Before we get into dealing with chargeback issues, there are some important concepts we need to understand. We will be going through how chargeback works, why it is